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Hi everyone!!!!!!!! :)


Hi everyone!!!!! I just registered! I'm getting a sundew tomorrow, and Im sooooooo exited! I've never had a sundew before, but I do know how to take care of them. I once had a venus fly trap though. (his name was chomp. LOL) Well I can't wait to chat with some of you!!!!!! :)
Welcome to Terra forums,what kind of sundew?
Thanks everyone! Wow, that was quick! The last web sight that I went to with forums, I would have to wait a week before someone replies! Anyway, im not exactly sure what specific sundew it will be, because a friend of mine(also very interested in carnivorous plants) is picking it up at the store for me.

Say, how did you get those pictures under your user names?
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Go under your user profile. somewhere on that page there is a button that says something like "customize profile." then there is a box that has other links. one of them says "Edit Avatar." then there is an area where you can upload a photo for your avatar. hope this is clear enough
Hiya, welcome to TF! :welcome:

Edit: If you want an avatar, just go to Quick Links at the top, go to one of the Edit links, and the new page, in the control panel on the left should have more edit options and one should be "Edit Avatar."
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Thanks guys! I'm going to try that!:banana2:

thanks. I like the "Treat everyone the same until you find out they're an idiot." thing, by the way. I keep laughing about it.:-))

Well I got a profile picture, at least. But I still cant get one under my username.
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Thanks xvart, and the avatar picture thing under my user name, well i got that to work a few seconds ago.:-D
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thanx sasha!
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as the french say, Bienvenue!
welcome to tf!
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thanks blokeman!