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Here's hoping three times is the charm..flava ornata pollinating


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
Okay, I have two S. flava v ornatas from two different locals. One grows slowly, and produces only one, hugh, flower a year. The other divides rapidly and puts out multiple flowers, but is not as striking. I have tried for two seasons to cross them.

The first year I put pollen from the single flowered plant onto the multiflowered one and it only produced squibbs.

Last year I was all set to try again, only to come home and find the flower totally eaten by a :censor: caterpillar.

Well this year I bagged the single flower and waited with fish in my mouth (bated breath) for it to mature. Well tonight I checkd and it had dropped it's pollen. I pollinated the one open flower on the multi growth plant and saved the rest of the pollen for later.

Fingers crossed please.
Good luck!!
hope it works this time.