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help with stratification

So I've bin busy planting sundew seeds I have d. Intermedia P. Agnata. D. Filliformis how do I plant them
Here is a pic of the seeds I just planted

Have they germinated?
Nope I haven't planted the ones that need stratification
I'm not sure that these plants require any stratification or much special seed preparation. What medium do you have these planted in?
I'm not as familiar with dews as I am with other species. Do any of your species require a cold stratification? Many tropicals don't.
None of the ones planted in the picture do that's y I planted them but I am pretty shore d. Intermedia P. Agnata. D. Filliformis all do can I just put the seeds in the fridge for 6 weeks or do I plant them and put them in the fridge
You can do both ways.

If your pot is small enough that you don't mind having it in the fridge or have enough space, feel free to sew the seeds in the pot and put it in a ziploc bag and leave it in there for the required weeks for that plant. Only trouble you may have is with mold. But you can check on it and keep it from being a real problem.

Or you can do it the way I recommend which is to just put the seeds in the fridge in a small container of distilled water. Then after the allotted amount of weeks in the fridge you just pour the seeds and water out over the desired medium. Or you can use an eyedropper like I did and grab a clump at a time and distribute around the pot. (They will clump, the only drawback to the water method is the clumping in water drops that will cause the seeds to grow on top of each other.)

Here are some Drosera rotundifolia I stratified with this method earlier this year. You can see how they clumped because of it but went fine:
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Since P. agnata is a Mexican Ping I don't believe it needs stratification, D. intermedia might or might not, just depends, and good old D. filiformis probably does but might not, however I don't think it will hurt anything if you do and it doesn't.
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Odysseus thanks for the advice I think I'll do the water in the fridge do u think 6 weeks would work

Huntsmanshorn I wasn't shore on the p. agnata and the other two I don't know about them I'll just do the fridge thing just In case
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P. agnata is a Mexican butterwort, a subtropical species, and does not need stratification of any sort. D. intermedia and D. filiformis both require a 4 week stratification IF they are a temperate form, as filiformis has one subtropical variety (FL All Red) and intermedia can be found both in Cuba and South America. Generally peat moss works well as a medium, less chance of sphagnum that can overgrow the seedlings, but as whole pots take up space I usually wrap the seeds in a wet paper towel, place it in a zip-tight bag, and stratify them that way.
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Exactly what HCarlton said. I just did mine for four weeks. Just be sure you know what type yours are and then give the ones that need it the four week stratification.

Good luck!
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Well everyone I thought I might just keep this thread I'd just us it as my grow thread here's a pic of d. Capensis" giant"

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And here is D. madagascariensis

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And D. nidiformi x D. Natelensis

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And the last one for today D. Snyder

This picture r really hard to take and keep the phone sturdy