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help with starting Neph's from seed

I have tried to grow nephs from seed twice the first time i tried to start them in the dark then moved to light. the seed were on long fiber sphagnum moss in a ziplock bag which i kept sealed and would just spray it with water when ever the condensation inside would decrease. I let it go for several months and nothing ever grew. I know seeds can take close to a year in some cases but these were just poi dog seeds. I eventually threw it away. I am tring to grow som N. redneck seeds and this time i started under t8 lights they are about 18" from light. I have one pot that i started on damp sphagnum moss that i sprayed the seeds once in a while and the other pot i have is peat mosss with perlite mix. I started the mix just damp and sprayed the seeds theses are under the same lights. Temps have been in high sixty to low seventies. mixture again is in a ziplock bag. they have been in there for a couple weeks and i know that its a little early for sprouting but i keep finding where mold is trying to grow. I pull the mold out and have now decided to try and leave both pots in their bags but unzipped hoping to combat the moisture issue. Now with saying all that i have sprouted sarrs and dews with absolutly no problems with mold and the bags were sealed the whole time. sarrs are the same distance from light but the dews i started closer. I just dont know what i am doing wrong with the nephs. If any one has some suggestions i sure would appreciate it. If you have any questions please ask. Thanks ahead of time for any advice.

what kind of temperatures? Each species seems to have a sweet spot. Go over can kill, stays under takes long time to germinate....
temps are 66 to 72 for N. redneck
The thread Jcal posted pretty much explains everything there is to it. Don't be discouraged if your N. X Redneck hybrid seeds don't germinate. I've had bad experiences with redneck seeds and sterility, but I was just learning as well so something may have gone wrong too.
Maybe im lost in space with my answer, but do you sow your seeds in terrarium or another places with others plants? If the others plants have soil gnats, the larvaes will eat the tiny root of your just germinated seeds, and you will think your seeds are not good. Try to put your sowed seeds in a place alone, no others plants. Maybe this will help you!

In my setup, this was the solution.

Good luck !