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Help with pest ID.


IG carnivoregon_official
I found these bugs in a closed cup of ceph leaf pulls. The have a shiny black abdomen and 2 pretty good sized antenna compared to it's body. Small, like mite size, maybe slightly larger. Capable of decent speeds, faster than mites for sure.
I'm not 100% sure whether that is a spot on the butt area or reflection from the light.
Springtails most likely.

Scroll down toward the bottom of the page:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/OwOL-MHcQ1w" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Thanks for the input. That seems reasonable, they were mostly cruising around in the moss, and I didn't see any damage to the leaf pulls. It sure gets confusing when there are so many different kinds and they all look different. I've had the white/grey springtails, but never these black ones. They were different shaped last time too, more like the segmented ones, where these have more of a small beetle look.
I don't know what they are, but I know what they aren't, which is springtails. Body shape is all wrong. Springtails are proportionally longer and thinner, that critter has the shape of a mite, or a very tiny beetle.
The could be a mite of some sort. If you touch them with a needle and they jump definitely springtails. A 20x hand magnifying lens would give more than enough for a more positive look.

Springtails come in assorted colors and shapes depending on the family. Colors range from translucent white to blackish with various shades of blue-gray and anything between bright yellow and red. I have some that have a metallic gold/silver color that like my tropical tank. Some are soft bodied looking and others have a harder exoskeleton look to them.

Just some examples of the extremes of body type, shape and color:


Neosminthurus richardsi from the USA
2008.01.26 © Gross, J.

Hypogastrura sp. from the USA
2009.02.26 © Cowen, R.

Katiannina macgillivrayi from the USA
2009.11.26 © Justis, S.

Neanuridae from the USA
2009.06.22 © Light, K.

Isotoma viridis from the USA
2009.03.10 © Cowen, R.

Sphaeridia serrata from the USA
2006 © Maddison, D.R.

Vitronura gisellae from the USA
2008.11.27 © Justis, S.

Lobella palmeri from the USA
2015.05.04 © Anderson, J.
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The Neosminthurus is close, but they're not a fast moving critter. Poking with a needle or toothpick a few times should help with the determination.
I couldn't get any to jump. They definitely have 2 white spots on their abdomens though. I was able to get a really good look at one that I got to climb on to my scissors. One white spot on each side in the rear of it's black abdomen.
Two spotted spider-mites have light bodies with two dark spots on the side so it may be as SubRosa suspects a beetle. Perhaps our resident entomologist will help.

Stop the presses!
Sminthurinus bimaculatus (Axelson, 1902), Not listed. - Netherlands though



Here's another species

Sminthurinus trinotatus

Looks like a smiley face on the back of the head ???
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Here is my best profile shot of one. This is from the underside, cause it was crawling on the cup lid.
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I got it out on to a piece of paper and it ended up jumping. Thanks guys.

Edit: I think you nailed it with those spotted ones.
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