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HELP! My D. filiformis tracyi doesn't want to live!

I have had this plant for about 2 months from a small division I ordered online. It has not progressed at all, while the others I got in the same shipment are doing awesome. Every so often it will send up a new shoot, and I will be over joyed, only to watch it turn black at the tip at about one or two inches up and then die. I am about to loose it! :censor: All my other drosera are doing awesome except the one that I want the most! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! It is in a 4 inch pot with a 50% peat 50% perlite mix. I receives a little morning sun and full afternoon sun. It also has been living in standing water, which is about to change.
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A quick picture might help. However this group of dews might go dormant in the summer depending on the conditions.
ease off on the water a bit until it becomes better estabilished may help? just damp should be ok
well I'm having trouble uploading a picture but I have been easing off the water and a new shoot is progressing and the current black shoot isn't dying all the way so it seems like things are looking up.