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Help locating D. Graomogolensis

My small collection of drosera is growing slowly but surely and i am looking to add another plant i have researched and fallen in love with to my collection. Am looking for D. graomogolensis. Any help is appreciated! thanks in advance
These can be found near the municipality of Grão Mogol in the northern part of the the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The Latin suffix "ensis" means essentially "from the vicinity of". Thus Drosera graomogolensis ~= Sundew from the vicinity of Grão Mogol. Of course collection permits will cost you an arm and a leg at least.

I donated some to the NASC auction. As a rule I do not give away or trade anything I donated to the auction for six months afterwards out of fairness to the auction winners who often bid large sums for some of the more coveted items. Sorry.
I donated other stuff this year, so I guess I'm still able to share the graomo wealth.
Shoot me a PM Brady.