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Hello from Wisconsin

Started with CP's around 3-4 years ago.Had real nice grow list going but the summer got too hot and dry here and killed off most of them.Few of the plants survived,lost all vft's,and all nepenthes,leaving me with few sarracenia and few drosera species.I have recently restarted my growing and Ive got S.psittacina,S.purpurea venosa,2 S.alata or rubras not sure,4 D.capensis "alba",2 D.spathulata,D.nidiformis,and some seeds of N.ampullaria green with red speckled most have germinated.Also have N.bicalcarata,N.maxima "tentena",D.filiformis all red,D.indica,D.capensis alba and typical,D.spathulata,and D.nidiformis seeds that Ive planted this past week,all the plants and seeds listed will be grown indoors from now on to eliminate the chance of death due to the weather.If all goes well and things keep growing they way they have been,Ill be more than happy to share some plants and seeds with others.
Welcome to the forums! I'm sure you might find some local growers who have had some success growing outdoors in your conditions!
Welcome to TerraForums :-D
Welcome to TF!
Welcome to the forum!