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Hello from Washington State

Hello everyone,

I recently joined this forum but have been lurking since I first started researching how to care for carnivorous plants. I asked for several for my college graduation and ended up buying several more during the summer. I currently grow butterworts, sarracenia, sundews and one venus flytrap. This forum has been such a huge help in figuring out how to properly care for my plants that I figured I would finally try to give back. I'm currently trying to figure out how to keep my plants from dying over the winter. I'm sure I can find some answers here. :)
:welcome: There are Washington state growers on this forum whom I am sure can offer help with winter protection of your outside CPs. It would be helpful to know what part of Washinton you live in.
I live in a small town on the west slopes of the cascades, about an hour west of White Pass and 40 miles east of Centralia/Chehalis, WA. The town is situated in a valley that gets very odd weather for it's 1000ft elevation.
Heya fellow Washingtonian! :wave: (And Nausicaa OtVotW rules)

Edit: Oh and I missed your question about winter.. What plants are you talking about specifically? Just your sarrs? I wouldnt worry about them too much unless you get like, zero degree weather for long periods of time or something.. If you're really worried you can cover them.. kinda depends on your set up.. Have any photos?


Welcome to TerraForums :-D
Welcome to TF!
Thanks for the welcomes everyone.

Brie, all of my plants are in smaller (~3-4 in) containers sitting in various saucers and ceramic pots outside. I'll post pictures soon, I just need to wait for wildfire smoke to clear up so the lighting isn't off. From your pictures, it looks like my sarrs will be fine. Nausicaa of The Valley of the Wind is one of my favorite movies too. :grin:
Welcome to the forum!