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Hello from New Hampshire!

Hey everyone:

I'm new to terraforums, but not to CPs.

I've recently started growing CPs again after a hiatus of nearly a decade. My current grow list is pretty small, being that I've only just acquired most of my plants in the last three weeks or so, but I'm excited to begin expanding my collection and getting some more interesting things. Right now, my grow space is just limited to a couple windows, but I'm hoping that'll change soon. Anyway, just wanted to say "hi" to everyone. I look forward to trading knowledge and plants with you.

You think your grow list is small? You clearly haven't seen mine. (Speaking plant-wise. :p)

Anyhow, congratulations on getting your collection started again and welcome to TerraForums!
Welcome to the forum ! You should check out the NECPS..... www.necps.org . There are lots of great growers here in the New England area.
Welcome to TF!
Heyhey you, welcome in :)