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Hello from hot and muggy Florida


From the Tropics
Hello everyone,

My name is Joel, and I'm a CP enthusiast. :) I've been away from CP community for the last few years due to my job, but now that I have more free time, I'm starting over. I currently live in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, but I'm originally from Puerto Rico. My favorite CPs are Neps, but I like growing anything that looks interesting. I currently have 2 drosera capensis, a few drosera spatulata, and one Venus fly trap. I have an order for some nepenthes plants coming in soon though.

Nice to meet you all!

Welcome to TF!
I live in Tampa, FL. I'm also from, Puerto Rico. :) Welcome Back!
Welcome back! :wave:

Central Florida, eh? You should be able to grow all kinds of CPs outside, except for cold-temperates and highlanders. Lowlanders will probably need some minimal protection, but should do great!
Welcome to TF! I lived in Sanford for several years (a bit inland from you) but now I live in the cold and frozen North (Michigan).

Some days I miss FL, some days I don't.
Welcome. You've definitely found the right place to help get you back into the hobby. There's a lot of useful info and knowledgeable growers here. I'm looking forward to seeing your collection grow. :)
Welcome back to TF! Weren't you a Moderator?
Hey Jim,

I think I was, but I can t really remember that well, it's been so long. I'm happy to be back though. :)
welcome welcome, can't wait to see what your plants look like
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Welcome, show us your pictures ;)
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Welcome (back) to the forums! It sounds like you've already got a great collection going. :)