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Hi Everyone! I just joined terraforums few days ago so I thought I should give an introduction here. I have always been interested in CPs and found them very fascinating but never thought I would be able to obtain one. Last year when I was on my way to the gym, I saw a sign pasted outside of a floral shop and it said they were selling Venus Flytrap. So I bought it home and from there on, I started with 1 Venus Flytrap to 7 different Sundews. This year, I’ve also decided to try to grow Nepenthes and Cephalous. I grow all my CPs on my windowsill and currently they are doing quite all right. But for nepenthes I really only had it for couple of months and the newest one I got it just 2 weeks ago so it is still too early to say I am successful with the nepenthes but hopefully they will continue to grow great! :boogie:

My current grow list:
Venus flytrap(typical)

Droseara: D. roseana, D.binata, D. rotundifolia, D. capensis, D. spatulata, D. scorpioides, D. madagascarensis

Cephalous follicularis (typical)

Nepenthes: N. ampullaria (williams red x harlequin), N.Robcantleyi (Queens of Hearts X King of Spades), N. lowii x (northiana x veitchii) from Exotica plants

I look forward to participating on the forum and learning from everyone! :hail:
Nice! I'm a Bostonian myself, although I live in CA nowadays. I've been considering buying a lowi x (northiana x veitchii), I'd love to see a photo of yours sometime. How are you growing the nepenthes? None of those plants are necessarily fully highland, but ampullaria has different temperature requirements than the other two. Assuming they aren't kept TOO dry, you can probably keep the latter two on a window, but the amp in your environment is probably going to need a hot and steamy terrarium. Welcome!
I am growing all my Cps in intermediate condition. Day time is 78 to low 80ish and night time is about 65. I know my ampullaria would prob do even better if I could provide even warmer temperature but since I am growing them all in the same spot, I have to find happy medium for all. I was growing it inside a big glass jar when I first got it so it could have high humidity (95%) but I have slowly letting it adapt to lower humidity (from 95% to 65% now). My windowsill humidity is around 55 during the day and close to 70 at night. The newest pitcher is about 5 times the size compare to the first pitcher, so I am amazed by just how much it is growing. I have a big windowsill and it gets about 6+ hours of direct sunlight and the rest of the day is in bright shade.

Here is a picture of my windowsill from 2 months ago. I will re-take another later this weekend, its very cloudy in Boston this week and it gets dark by the time I got home from work.


Let me know if you can see the picture. Not sure if I am doing it correctly.
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I will also take a picture of my lowi x (northiana x veitchii) this weekend. :) I think it has a lot of potential to have stunning pitchers.
Welcome to TF!
Welcome. Nice to have another local on board
Welcome to terraforums Bruins's fan ! :)
Nice view! It's cool that you can see bunker hill from your window! Looks sunny too! I'd love a spot like that. And yeah I'm sure your amp would appreciate a terrarium setting more, but I suppose you could acclimate it to a windowsill as well, although I'm sure the other two plants would like it better. Sweet setup!
Thanks everyone! East_to_West, Here's pictures of my N.lowii x (northian x veitchii). Still very small but I think and I hope it will be a beauty. :) Where are you in Boston Cthulhu138?

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Not far from you. I'm actually in Medford now, right off 93 on the Winchester and Stoneham lines. By the look of your pics, you must be over in the Leighton St./Museum of Science area.
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Yes, you are correct. 3 minutes walk to Museum of Science. :)