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Heliamphora parva hairy

Hi guys

This morning i noticed someting on my dear parva. A kind of strange redish color on a pitcher.

Heliamphora parva by dals009, on Flickr

Better view on this one.

Heliamphora parva by dals009, on Flickr

This pitcher was the first one under my care, from last december.

What do you think guys? Im just parano?
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Don't want to freak you out, but I see stuff like that when plants get certain diseases. I wouldn't be too worried, I mean, some people give many of those to plants on purpose because they like how it affects the coloration of flowers and stuff, that is the only thing I can think of that would cause that after a pitcher was developed.
meh, looks normal to me.... end of pitcher life
Thx for the reply psychosarah.
I will see in the next few days..

Av: a pitcher who last only 4 months? All my others helis keep their pitchers for at least 1 year. I wondering because this pitcher is dying from the bottom, with a rust like color. Maybe this specie is different..
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meh, looks normal to me.... end of pitcher life

It gets patchy like that, and only at the bottom? Nepenthes and sarracenia, and most other CPs I have seen, have discoloration at the uppermost part of the pitcher before it dies, not at the base first.
you been feeding it?
Yes, i feed all my helis twice a month since years..

I think about changing the soil mix. I got many lil plantlets at the base of the plant. I need backup plants!
IMHO, since it was the first pitcher (in your care, so just getting out of recovery) it had the least ability to utilize the food and damage has resulted
Meh, I wouldn't be concerned unless I saw further evidence of progression....

but that's just my opinion at this point :)
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So you suggest to just keep going growing this lil guy without any changes?

I think i will follow that path.
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Sarah may very well be right, but unless I saw it on new growth... I wouldn't be concerned.

I think the pitcher is just saying goodnight :)
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Yeah, time will tell, i hope for the best.
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If I am right, it will spread to new growth and old growth for a bit, but the plant might just grow fine with some discoloration (if it is like the virus given to tulips to make them multicolored). That is, if it is a virus, not that all viral infections that would do that are harmless, but your plant on the whole looks fine.