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heliamphora minor var pilosa help

hello everyone, i ordered my first heliamphora, and its minor var pilosa :boogie:
i know i should have started with some cheaper/easier sp. but i just couldnt resist buying this one!

so i would like to know what is the best potting media for it and how slow and difficult is it?
Potting mixes vary among growers. I prefer mixes of live sphagnum, pumice, and cypress bark; while Av8tor1, the resident high priest -- the Big Kahuna -- of Heliamphora; gourmand of all things ethanol related; and fellow keeper of "fuzzy socks," uses mixes that include APS (aquatic plant soil) as well. There are a number of threads on this topic.

Time will also tell whether the initial plants that were released will even resemble the holotype; since a few variants of H. minor are sympatric on Auyan Tepui . . .

It is not that this Heliamphora variant is particularly slow; it's that it generally arrives as something with little or no roots with mostly juvenile leaves. Patience will be required. I have had this plant, since its offering in Spring 2012. All that I can say, is that it is not dead; though I am also growing it in vitro . . .

Heliamphora minor var. pilosa 12 March

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wow... you've certainly entered into the world of growing Heliamphora at the deep end, with one of the more challenging species.
thats your first heli? oh jeez, i hope you have luck on your side! as previously stated, getting the plant as a rootless speck of little immature pitchers is not typically entry level type of challenge. and at quite an investment.

i use APS, sand, perlite and thoroughly rinsed peat moss for my helis at a 2:2:2:1 mix.
I'll echo the above sentiments... Best of luck with the pilosa. Certainly a high risk, high reward type investment! I use APS, LFS, orchid bark and perlite for my helis. At a 2:2:1:1 ratio. And yeah, definitely check out the stickies and other posts on how to acclimate helis to your conditions and grow them up properly.
What conditions will you be giving it? I hope you already have something set up that you have tested to make sure it works. I lost several heliamphora when I first started due to my own errors.
Experience is a great teacher, but she sure does cost a lot :)
from what i hear, there are varying degrees of hairiness when it comes to pillosa.
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Thanks you everyone for your comments. Haha yes it is quite a risk!
The conditions, max 25'C during day, at night 13-14'C
Humidity constantly 80%+. I switch of the cooling unit twice daily for about 10 mins so the tank gets filled with fog. Im growing around 25-30 HL nepenthes including some rare/exp ones like klossii, hamata hairy red etc. and all are showing good growth.

I was thinking of keeping the heli on some kind of a stand so that it is closer to the lights & should i bag it for some time to acclamitize it? Will go through the older posts later today when i get the time
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Those temps seem ok, I don't think you should put the heli super close to the lights because you don't want the temps to get into the 80s for the heli.

Btw nice to see another 16 year old HL nep grower :).
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Heli, the temps wont change as there is a thick glass between the terrarium and lights and the fan throws the cool air everywhere.

Haha yes :)
Who else is of my age here?
The problem in India is there are hardly 2 or 3 serious cp growers out of which im the only one who cultivates HLs so there is no one to ask for help or share info etc...

Also the should i spray the plant with biostin before putting it in the bag to prevent any fungus or disease that can occur due to high humidity and no air circulation?
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Oh in that case you could prop it up. I don't think the spray is necessary if you have trichoderma, or you could remove the bag every day so it can get fresh air.

I am currently 16, we also have Peatmoss who is 17, sundrew who is 15 I think, and some younger people too.
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Will check if i can get trichoderma here, i just spray it on the leaves?
I will as it is open it daily for misting and for it to get fresh air.

Thats nice, keep on seeing yours and others post on the forum, dint know you'll were of my age!
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Trichoderma comes in a granular form and a powder form, solid form you just sprinkle on top of the soil and water, the powder form you mix with water and just water the plant with it.
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I don't think the spray is necessary if you have trichoderma, or you could remove the bag every day so it can get
I have had mildew issue in such situations, even when using Trichoderma.
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Hello everyone! I just recieved my order from AW on the 2nd!! The plants were in the packaging for more than a month, i expected them all to be dead.. Luckily all plants are healthy and in excellent condition!! Will post pics soon!!
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So... how is your plant now? :) any picture ? My new pilosa is on the way to my home, somewhere over the atlantic right now :-D
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Hi maiden, sorry for the late reply, my pilosa is doing good! Produced 1 new pitcher after arriving, and the second one is on its way!! Will upload some pics soon!

Did your plant arrive?