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Heliamphora 'flamingo'

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A variegated Heliamphora.....:0o:
Not MY cup of tea but, interesting plant. I just think that all variegated plants have a sort of "box store" quality to them that I just don't find attractive.
Kamil Pasek
"... got this as a normal plant on TC from Andreas Wistuba marked as Heliamphora heterodoxa. Before many of years, I got some of total white divisions on clump, separated it and grew for many of years in-vitro...long story and a lots of troubles. Now it seems that clone is stable and can grow separately on self roots, but it is really slow in grow. Those plants are about 4 years old..."(...)

500€ for a "maybe it will stay alive, maybe not".

...No thanks.

My wallet will stay in my pocket for this time :)
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