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Heli dying!

My heli has been on a slow decline ever since I got it. It is now developing brown spots on the adult pitcher. The smaller ones seem to be doing fine. I think it is because of the heat at night (70*).
When I ordered it, the temps were fine, but humidifier failures and other problems caused the nightime temps to go up.
Can you post a picture? 75* at night might be the issue. Gotta fix that terrarium.
Sounds like a double wammy... Low humidity plus warm nights will make a heli enter unhappy land. You need to get these perimeters under control. Hybrid heliamphora are more adaptable to warmer temperatures, especially those of heterodoxa origin. Good luck...
Okay, am opening window at night. Last night, temps were at 66* min. Humidity stays steady at 70%.
I will get pics tonight.
figuring out camera now...
Try pressing the little button on top. That usually does the trick.
Got it! Here we go...

From front:

And from top:

And the little helis:

And a better terrarium top:


Also, temps are around 65* at night due to the open window and new top, but I need another solution fast. When my brother gets back from camp, he will not like the night temperatures.

Oh, and a dying cephalotus pitcher:

Not too worrying about the ceph; it is sending out new leaves.
Me thinks i would look that heli over very closely with a magnifying glass, first impression is critter attack.
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Attack by what? There are heli-eating pests?
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Last night the temps were at 65.4* lowest.
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If I'm not mistaken, that looks an awful lot like the thrips that seem to attach themselves to helis and eventually kill the plant. Spray with imidacloprid if you can verify it.
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Attack by what? There are heli-eating pests?


asid, Cp's are susceptible to many types of pests and pathogens.... there is much to learn.
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Sorry, I just never saw them mentioned. Most of what I read was care sheets that mentioned little in the way of pests.
It will be hard to verify. What time are imid-thingys most active?
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It may or may not be a pest of some kind... but you need to inspect closely with a magnifying glass just to be sure....
Most heli pest can be addressed with Bayer Dual Acting Rose and Flower Spray

Hope this helps,
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I have spider mites. Thank you so much Av8tor. I have webs, but no spiders, so it has to be.