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Has anyone ever used pheonix worms to feed their nepenthes?

Last year I used to culture d. hydei for my cp's but the job was very tedious and eventually a native fruit fly contaminated my culture. However the results I had were very good and I want to continue to feed my plants and pick up where I left off but with a larger insect. Eventually I came across pheonix worms which are so cheap that ftm they are not even worth culturing.

I have ordered some pheonix worms to begin a once weekly watering/feeding regimine and once it warms up probably switch to twice weekly depending on how long it takes my plants to go through 100 worms which is what comes in a container will determine whether or not I wish to culture them.

Does anyone else use these worms to feed their plants? If so anything info/tips would be appreciated. my course of action will be to freeze them and thaw them to feed as necessary.

my initial projections indicate 8-10 weeks should be how long it will take me to go through one container feeding once a week but once may rolls around, I will change that window depending on the plant......larger plants will be moved up to twice a week while smaller plants remain on once a week.

While I had never heard of this species after a trip to Wikipedia I'd say they sound ideal for feeding to medium - large Nepenthes and Sarracenia. Overall it sounds like a pretty wonderful insect. Good luck!
I honestly used to use dried blood worms back in my day (all of 5 years ago...). Just mix them up in a bit of RO water so that they form a paste and spread on dews or pour it into pitchers. Worked great for me.
Make sure to freeze them shortly after they arrive. A house full of soldier flies can be disturbing for some people.
lol indeed!
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just got em in the mail and I believe they will do nicely....as of now i only got to feed 4 of my neps so it all depends on how long they last as to whether or not i decide to culture them. Based off the specification I believe their high nutritional value will definitely benefit my plants.

thx for the input.