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Hardening off Ceph's to lower humidity

I'm thinking of taking my ceph's out of the terrarium and just using it for heli's
I'm looking for advisement and experience as to the best way to do this without drying it up or killing it
Any help and or suggestions are appreciated
I am no expert, but I thought I would just post how I would go about doing this.

I would probably either move the plant to its new destination and encase it with a plastic bag where I can gradually reduce the humidity, or move it into a terrarium where I could harden it the same way. I'm sure the Ceph experts out there have much more effective ways of doing this.
What rh is it currently in? Surprising most homes are more humid than you think.

As long as you don't move it to a really hot windowsill it will be fine. If you are moving it from a tank to a grow rack not much adjustment will be needed. Lost pitchers are inevitable when ever you change their environment. You shouldn't expect to lose a lot of them though.
The terrarium RH is about 70 by day and 85 by night
My house is regulated by a humidifier at 46-50%
I've been starting leaf pulls in vivariums and once they get a few leaves just moving them directly to a windowsill with no problem. If you only have a few Ceph's, or its a rare one I would be a lot more careful than what I'm doing but I've yet to lose one due to the move. They are moved into watering trays with about 1/2" of water so there is higher humidity around the Ceph's than the general household.
As already mentioned, a zip lock bag over the top of the pot works well. Just start out with the bag over the top, with a small section cut out of the corner for some ventilation (size of the slit depends on what humidity the plant is currently experiencing). Over a period of a few weeks, make the hole larger and larger until humidity inside the bag is close to external humidity (make the hole a little larger every few days, or every week). Then you can take the bag off.

Cephalotus is a pretty hardy little plant though, and does much better with humidity changes than Nepenthes (in my experience). So I'm sure it will do fine