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Happy Birthday True424 and Heligoddess

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Kelly, Ann....

Happy Birthday girls!!!!!

Our resident trichodermagoddess and heligoddess lol
Happy Sweet 16 Ann!
Kelly, yeah yeah .... I know, you arent having birthdays anymore ;)

group rendition of happy birthday to the both of ya

Ann and Kelly - Happy Birthday!
Ann and Kelly - Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday you two!!!
For those of you who dont know kelly, she is our AMPAC Biotech girl....
When I first got into cephs many moons ago, she didnt know me from Adam. Yet, she worked with me on solving some of the issues commonly associated with the cultivation of Heliamphora and Cephalotus.

She as much as anyone, made growing both easy for me.... and for many others.
She now helps our fellow members the world over.

Kudos to ya kid,
You my Trichoderma chick and now... a dear friend.

Happy Birthday :)
Happy birthday, Kelly, and thanks for the trich.
Happy birthday Kelly and Ann!
I haven't seen any posts from Ann for several months. Hope she's still happy in the hobby, and that she see's this thread.
Anyway, happy Birthday to the both of you!