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Happy Birthday Tamlin!

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Hello, I must be going...
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Tamlin, sorry you can't be with us for now but some of us still think about you and appreciate all you have done.

So until the time you can join us again here's to a Happy Birthday.

(Folks, post your birthday greetings and maybe a CP picture and I'll send a print out to William.)

D. admirabilis
Happy birthday man! I miss the days I was a driver and we'd talk for an hour+. Thanks for sharing your music with me too. Hope to see ya around.
Thanks Andrew. Tamlin will appreciate it. He can use some cheering up. Anybody else? What is this, out-of-sight-out-of-mind?
D. roundandstickia!
Some CP pictures:

various Sarracenia

S oreophila

S. alabamensis

Drosera admirabilis

D. cistiflora

D. hamiltonii

D. hamiltonii

D. kaieteurensis

D. echinoblastus

D. helodes

D. ultramafica × spatulata
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Gorgeous plants / flowers!
Post some of yours, Tamlin would enjoying seeing them :p
How about these?:


D. lanata


Pinguicula cyclosecta


D. tomentosa

Happy belated birthday, Tamlin. Though we have not met, when you come back to TF I will enjoy your company. :)
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I remember Tamlin as a staple on these fora. To this day, any time I forget how "weird" is spelled, I remember "World Expert In Rosetted Drosera" (we can thank PAK for that, too!). Happy birthday, I hope to have you back with us again soon.
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Speaking of Plant-A-Kiss has anybody heard from her? Tamlin asked about her in his last letter.
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Such gorgeous pictures and kind words and thoughts. I feel pretty safe in saying he looks forward to being with you again. I know he misses you all. Thank you for sharing.
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Happy belated birthday William. Looking forward to the days when you can rejoin us.

Here's an oldie (but a goodie) :-O
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I was given the plant in the middle as spatulata 'Tamlin'. Not sure if that's right, but it seems appropriate here. Happy Birthday and Best Wishes!
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Happy Belated Birthday Tamlin!!

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Happy belated birthday Tamlin old friend!! I too remember burning up the phone a couple of times!! Such a wealth of knowledge.
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Thanks everybody, I printed this out Weds and sent a copy off to Tamlin. He will appreciate the thoughts.
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Thats the best ****zy I've ever seen! RL7836
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So Tamlin thanks every body that wished him Happy Birthday. He enjoyed the CP photos too.

He has a new mailing address so shoot me a PM if you want an update. They should forward his mail from the old address at least of a while though.