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Happy Birthday, Sundrew!

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Hope it's a good one, Drü! :beer:
Happy birthday!
Best wishes for a happy B-day, and a prosperous and rewarding year ahead.
Happy B-day!
Happy Birthday Drew! Hope it's everything you hoped for and more..
Happy Birthday Drew!
Hey happy bd ! Hope you had a nice day!
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Happy Birthday Drew!!!
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Happy birthday!
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Happy biday- have a goood one!
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Thanks everyone for the kind birthday wishes. It was a great day and weekend, I spent yesterday coming back from a state science competition where I got a first place for my project on sundews' ability to "taste" chitin. Though I had said I didn't need to celebrate, my family still surprised me with some plants and things to put on my windowsill :D
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Glad it was a good one! Happy late bday :p