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Happy Birthday Presto!

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And wow we're the same age!
Happy Birthday! Hope you have good one today :bigthumpup:
Wow! Happy Birthday, Emily. I don't know how you manage with everything that keeps you busy. I hope you take some time to celebrate your birthday. Thanks for all you do for TerraForums.
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Emily!
Thanks everyone!!! :hug: I'm having a great day. Between finishing my M.S. thesis and working on the ICPS conference, it was fantastic to have a nice relaxing day off!

I don't know how you manage with everything that keeps you busy.

Lots and lots of coffee! :D And lots of incredible help from the NASC board, and from quogue who has done simply amazing, amazing work for the ICPS conference. These guys are lifesavers!!

Time for more cake now!! :boogie:
Happy birthday Emily! Hope youre having a great one.
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Um, take my facebook wish and apply it here, lol. Nobody is going to get that referrence on FB.
But hope you have a great day!!!

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Happy birthday Presto! Please take a break from your ceaseless efforts to make ICPS 2012 the best one ever!
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Happy Birthday, Emily!
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Happy Birthday!