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Happy Birthday Luca and Amy

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Happy Birthday you two....

16 omg, you pup! lol

oh dang. Happy Birthday young pups.
Happy birthday Luca! Many new villosa pitchers to you :grin:
Happy Birthday you two!!
Happy birthday, guys!
Happy Birthday, Luca!
:-D A very Happy Germination Day to you sprouts! :banana2:

(Mmmm... What would I say in congratulations if you were propagated by cutting?!...Mmmm???)
Happy birthday guys. (and girls.) :D
yay for Birthdays! Congrats!

Happy day ;>
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happy birthday to the both of you!
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...and many moooooooreeeeee!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday! Live today with no restraints, YOLO and all that nonsense.
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Happy happy birthday :-D
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Haply birthdizzle lucaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
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Thank you everyone! :) @growinold cuttings could be happy root production day ??? @Peat, foschizzle
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Hope you had a good birthday you two! :)
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Happy fetal upgrade day!
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^ HAHA now thats new!