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Hamata vs Macrophylla

Hi All.

I am thinking of getting one of the above and want to get as much first hand experience as possible.

In a relative context which is easier Hamata or Macrophylla?

I will ensure that I am able to meet the temperature and humidity requirements.

From what I habe read so far it seems Hamata becomes somewhat more forgiving once it gets larger.
Man do yourself a favor and get both!!! Hl neps are like lays potato chips, you can't have just one :-)) they both grow well if provided good conditions even so Macrophylla is the slow grower of the two.
so true so true. Are there any clones that are more preferrable to others? (hamata red hairy is way out of the affordability range)
Hamata appears to be easier and faster growing, and is usually more afforable. Wistuba's kataposa hamatas are particularly nice.
I would say hamata is definitely the easiest of the two. It's not particularly slow and will grow at a comparable rate to most species; it's also typically more affordable. Macrophylla and its sister species are particularly slow and need to be approached a bit differently than most Nepenthes.

That being said, "Once you pop, the fun don't stop!" (but I guess that's Pringles).
thanks for the feedback. All this speaks to is bad case nep-I-want-a-titis, the deadly nep addition :) The more I research the more I want to grow different species!
hamata is both easier in temp requirements and size management. they call it "MACROphylla" for a reason.
Like the one on ebay?!?! one can wish for such a macro problem.

What time span would it take to get to a problem size?

At what levels would a macrophylla start getting into trouble? (I guess sustained temps levels is more appropriate)
hamata is both easier in temp requirements and size management. they call it "MACROphylla" for a reason.

Agreed on all counts. Hamata is easier and grows more quickly. However, it should be a LONG time before you need to worry about a macrophylla outgrowing your grow space with how slow it grows ;)
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