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Hamata Leaf

About six weeks ago I accidentally popped off a small leaf near ground level while looking for thripes. I tossed it into the trash bin and later decided to stick it into a small pot of coir to see if it would take. After placing a Pepsi bottle greenhouse over the top I stuck it in the back of the rack and forgot about it. I ran across it today and was surprised to see the leaf still bright green like when it was placed there. Any possibility that it might actually produce a clone? How long does it usually take for roots to form?

I've never heard of nepenthes growing from a leaf cutting but if it works it is certainly publication worthy! Best of luck to you!
Don't know if it would take,??? I have never heard of taking nep leaf cuttings before either. Will be interested to see if it grows!
I will just return it to the same location on the rack and ignore it like before but I suspect it will peter out by the end of January.:0o:
unless there is a portion of the stem from the base of the leaf, your chances are pretty much nill.
Oh, I stuck in multiple leaves into live spaghnum, and not by accident. One did get some growth about 3 weeks later, a tiny root thingy but the humidity must have not been high enough and it eventually dried out. I had some pest problems and I was trying to dry things out. Also, me taking out the leaf on multiple occasions for progress checks probably did not help either. When I have extra leaves to spare, which won't be for a while, I will try it again. Currently, they just got amputated for explants experiments.
I've had a snapped off tentaculata leaf stay green for around 2 months and it was just sitting in a small puddle on the greenhouse floor. Getting a leaf to root would probably never happen
I know of one person (can't remember his name) that made a Nepenthes leaf root. It lived for quite some time and never really made any basals.
If IPS cells can be generated from mammalian post mitotic cells than surely dedifferentiation can occur in a kingdom where the speies are known to have great regenerative capacity. Of course, it may necessitate a combination of exogenous agents for the cells to re-enter the cell cycle but it is well within the paradigm.
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It doesn't work like that for nepenthes.
I have heard that you can root a clean cut heli pitcher though.
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Maybe I should talk dirty to it. :-D
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Well ive heard about one guy that rooted a miranda leaf. I personally got roots on a leaf once but abandoned it because of lack of patience
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hide the leaf somewhere dont go near it for two months then finaly go look at the leaf
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I'm not touching it and it looks the same today so who knows. The plant kingdom is pretty spooky which is why it has always fascinated me.