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H. sarracenioides

It's first adult pitcher is about to open



Wow beautiful colors on it Butch, let us see what it looks like when it fully opens.
I've got to admit though, that looks a bit phallic... :-))
LOL, omg Yann.... that is just wrong on soooooooooo many levels,

Fantastic, Butch . . .

Finally, the adult leaves appear. My plants were quite slow in getting around to that . . .
OOooh, nice bright red pitchers as always!
Manly looking plant you got there....;)
Congrats Butch, looks great as usual. Keep us updated!
Thanks everyone, I cant wait till it looks like Wistuba's pics....

A truly awesome heli
WOW! Awesome Butch!

I just ordered one myself and it should arrive sometime in May. How long did it take for yours to make it's first adult pitcher?
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Thanks Matt, I got it last fall in a multiple heli/heli trade... it has grown pretty fast IMHO

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Wow, yeah, that's very quick! Nice growing Butch. I hope mine grows as quickly.
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it responds well to root feeding ;)

just proceed slowly
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Good to know, thanks Butch. I've actually been root feeding all of my Heliamphora with Maxsea and they seem to respond well to it.
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that in combination with bugs or fish pellets does wonders

yours should do well
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Oh, right, I've been using betta pellets conservatively as well. It's not possible to fit them into the juvenile pitchers (at least not that I can tell), but I drop a couple into the adult pitchers pretty regularly.
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soo...has that pitcher opened up yet?
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it's like a rich man's purpurea!

you said you fed it betta pellets...is while the plant was in the juvenille stage? i was debating whether if i should do this for my juvie helies.
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Very strawberry-ish LOL, appears to covered in nectar glands.
IMHO this is going to be one awesome heli when it matures

Yes.... I feed them as early as I can. Before pellets will fit, I make up a paste of fish food flakes and water. I force feed the small pitchers the slurry with an eye dropper

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Come on now, am I the only one that sees too much into these 2 pictures? Maybe it's just the stereotypical 'guy' mindset coming out LOL :blush::slap: