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H. pulchella basket - 3 locations (mattsikra $50)

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H. pulchella - one plant from each of three locations - Akopan Tepui, Chimanta Tepui, Apacapa Tepui. This is an opportunity to study the differences that occur with separation.

Akopan plant

Chimanta plant

Apacapa plant (there are 3 plants in this pot - the largest plant - in the middle - will be included)

- Bidding starts @ $2.
- Buyer pays shipping - which is estimated to be ~$12 (this is a guess ???). If you win more than one of my auctions, I will combine shipping to reduce costs.
- USA only.
- Please plan to pay within 24 hours of auction close.
- For questions or suggestions, I can be reached @
The NASC has received payment for this item so you are clear to ship! Thanks for supporting the conservancy :)
Shipped this morning via USPS Priority mail. Tracking info should have already been sent from USPS. Postage reimbursement info has been emailed.

I hope they grow well for you!!
Received this message in a PM:
mattsikra said:
Sorry about the delay, the plants arrived in great condition Thanks!
I previously received reimbursement for postage.
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Thanks for the notification, Ron! Sounds like this one is all wrapped up. I'll close this thread, then. Cheers!
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