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Growing a lowland on highland conditions

The guy (vaclav?) at czplants.com made a mistake with my last order...
I ordered a mexican pinguicula, and i got a lowland nepenthes!

The big problem is i can only grow cps that require a dormancy

My basement is unheated the winter and the temps drop often at 8-10C the night
Can i grow my lowland in theses conditions?
im no expert but i dont think you can especially if its for more than a couple hours but put it in a tank and put a lid over it and maybe a heating pad under it
I think it really depends on the plant. I have a N. Rafflesiana and it can take 10C no problem. It has never grown as a lowland nepenthes for me, it lives (and pitchers well) in intermediate conditions.

I've shopped from Vaclav many times and in my experience their plants are fragile. I have to keep them in ideal conditions for a while or their health declines fast. I still wouldn't be certain though, you should really see for yourself by taking small steps at a time.