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Grow Shelf Drainage

I've been looking into setting up a grow shelf to allow myself more space indoors to grow some of my orchids and other tropicals that require pretty high humidity. I'm essentially planning a small grow shelf, but I'm not sure what to do about the excess water that drains off after watering. It looks like many people use these grow shelves, so hopefully someone will have some good suggestions on how to solve my problem. Thanks in advance!
I have two setups.
1. I like this one the most. It's a simple tray with shelving over the top. The water drips into the tray which has lfs in it. The lfs soaks up a lot of the water and the setup acts like a humidity tray that increases the overall humidity a lot. When I flush my pots I squeeze out all of the lfs underneath and start the process all over again.

2. Water just drips into the empty tray underneath and dump it out when I flush my pots.
I went to wally world and got the biggest flattest tote that they had approx 24 x 30 x 6. They had some bigger but not the right shape. So I got it with the intention of using the tote itself, with it's 6" of depth, to set the 4 shelf grow rack in but because of the way the handles were molded it was a bit too small though. Luckily the lid was a near perfect fit. It gives me a 1/2" tray or so for exess humidity and drippings from watering the orchids to collect in and, due to the 4" fan mounted on the underside of one of the shelves(pointed up), turns the excess water into more humidity. A word of caution though: Elecricity And Water Don't Mix! Watch where any cords leave the tent and any connections closely.
Here is a pic of the shelf I'm using. It doesn't show you the tray, but it gives you an idea of the shelf I'm using.
Thanks everyone!

Jcal- How long is each shelf? I have a 4' shelving unit, and I'm not sure where I can find a tray that long.

Amp- Thanks! I read that thread earlier, but I forgot who posted it to do a search. My only concern with that is I'm going to be hanging mounts around the back and sides, so the container would have to go around the outside of the shelf.

Shortbus- I never thought of using the lid. That's a good idea!
Goods, I have a 48'' x 14'' grow rack with a simple, plastic tote underneath that catches the water. It was about $5 at Wal Mart, I think. If you can't find one that's quite long enough, you can always stick another, smaller plastic container underneath to fill the gap.
IMO, I have tried the tote method and it worked well enough. However the best results I had was when I came across (2) 2ft x 4ft hydroponic flood tables (they come in different sizes) on C.List. I am not sure how things are where you live, but there seems to be a tremendous amount of used hydroponic supplies available in Portland. Anyways, I took the two flood tables and installed 3/4 inch drains ($1.29ea.) specifically made for flood tables. Each flood table has a slope built into the pan so the water always runs toward the drain. I also bought 3/4 inch black tubing for .22 cents a foot. and connected the two table drains together, I then connected a flow valve ($2.80) so I can stop the water from emptying into a 5 gallon bucket. If I want to increase humidity I just turn the valve to the off position and leave an inch or so of water underneath the pots, not touching the pots. I have my pots sitting inside the flood tables on top of an elevated diffuser egg crate used for florescent lighting. So now instead of needing to empty 6 totes full of water, I just grab the 5 gallon bucket full of water, empty it into the toilet and put it back under the spout. Not sure if this make me lazy but it sure made things easier.:-D
Thanks everyone!

Jcal- How long is each shelf? I have a 4' shelving unit, and I'm not sure where I can find a tray that long.

I use multiple trays.
Go to a hydroponics store and get a flood and drain table, that's what I got. You will have to modify it to fit but it's not hard. I have a topic on here with both my set ups.