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Got my degree, time to get back into the hobby!


Californian in DC
Hi all,

I used to be pretty active on these forums 4-6ish years ago. I took off to pursue my electrical engineering degree, and I graduated last June. I recently took a job here in Greenbelt, MD (near DC) working at NOAA (less cool version of NASA). I work on the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) which will be an array of at least 3 satellites (1 already flying) that will generate copious amounts of data about the Earth's climate. One of the main goals of the program is to significantly boost our ability to forecast and track severe weather. If you live in a hurricane/tornado/blizzard area and the weather reports get a little better over the next few years, I may have contributed to that in some small fashion. (I'll accept your thanks in the form of free, rare plants :) )

Now that I've got a steady income and I'm renting a room in a house with a big backyard, I figure it's about time to get growing again! Right now my only plant is a D. scorpioides that I'm going to grow in my office under a CFL. I'm definitely planning on making some bog pots with sarrs and other temperates to put out back in my yard. I think I also want to get a 2-foot T5 fixture for my office and maybe grow some an assortment of pings/sundews under that.


Balancing plants and college is hard, especially with all the moving. I've gotten through one year of college though with it, 2 1/2 to go (I got a lot of college credits in high school). Lots of people do giveaways, mostly common stuff but considering you only have 1 drosera, that could be a great way to start reestablishing your collection.
Welcome back & congrats on the degree & job. :hail:

Now you should consider clearing out your mailbox.

... :nono: ...:-O ... :nono:
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Welcome back!
Awesome Jason. I guess we won't be seeing you back at the LACPS meetings anytime soon. I still have some of the extrema cuttings you gave me. PM me an address when you have growing areas set up and I'll send you some stuff.