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Good to be back!

I haven't been on these boards for several years; I'm glad to still see some of the same people involved. I now live in Birmingham, AL and work at Birmingham Botanical Gardens, where I am curator of native plants. We installed a nice-sized bog last year and I'm looking for some taxa to add - specifically those native to Alabama and surrounding areas. I'd like to acquire some Drosera spp., Utricularia spp. (terrestrial), and some Pinguicula spp.
If anyone knows where I might obtain any of these, please let me know.
Does anyone know if LauraZ5 is still around?
Hello! Welcome back to TF :)
Does anyone know if LauraZ5 is still around?
Welcome back! Congratulations on your position.

Laura has dropped out of most of the CP forums. I believe she has posted on the ICPS board under a new name a few times - but overall has assumed a much smaller role than she had in the past.
Welcome back to TF! What RL.... said.