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Giveaway: Begonia kiamfeei (?) Seeds

I have 2 packets of Begonia kiamfeei (?) seeds to give away. I have yet to get a positive ID on this plant The parent came in as a hitchhiker in a Nepenthes pot and the person it originated from said it was likely B.kiamfeei. There is very little information about this species available out there. If someone here can positively ID it, I would appreciate it. Standard TF giveaway system, just add your name to the list. Winners will be chosen a week from today on February 1st.


You MUST be a U.S. resident.

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Sorry forgot about this one ! PM me your address and I'll send them out.

Also, looks like these are Begonia hirtella.
Im a winner by default. .... thank you pm sent
Seeds came thank you
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