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Genlisea aurea

After idling one year, my genlisea is thriving !

Im very happy :) Had to share !



Thanks for watching :)
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yes, this is true. im sad now :(

What was the chances?
A subulata flower in a genlisea aurea pot! The flower are almost the same!

I have subulata flowers now :( how the f*** this can happen ?? i never buy or trade that specie !
It just happens... Mother Nature finds a way.
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Can you just tell mother nature my greenhouse is private, and next time she have to find another way!
Maiden, I am so sorry for your sudden disappointment. It's good to see that the Genlisea is at least alive, and seems to be doing OK.

That photo sequence made me LAUGH, though. I needed that. Yes, alas, it's the Utric. I don't understand, though, how I can't seem to keep U. subulata alive. I've had it sent, deliberately and not, many times, and each time it disappears. Grrr! I actually want that species is the bog and other places.

Happy growing!
Lil Stinkpot lol

Yeah i think my genlisea doing well, look healthy to me, but im looking for the flowers. Maybe this summer !

Thanks for the reply anyway hehe
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Update !! The plant is now a clump of many genlisea :)

I clean all the subulata, the most i can.




I hate you right now.....
You and your stupid awesome genlisea....


Seriously though, that looks really good! My hats off to you. I have not had a chance to grow Genlisea yet but I have heard they can be fickle (at least some). My complements to the chef er... gardener!
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Is any of that subulata up for trade :)

I love your plant. Have you ever considered growing your plant in a manner in which the traps would be visible. There is information on this in the Savage Garden.

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Utricularia: LOL thanks for the compliment :)

Its a nice plant, easy grower if you keep the water level very high.

Entherptogoly: yes. But i have this plant since almost 2 years, and almost no new grown in the first year. So i just wanted to save the plant. Now the plant(s) grow nicely, i will consider growing it in a glass pot ! I think i will wait for a flower before.
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Have you had a chance to check out Andreas Fleischmann's new book/monograph on the genus? It is definitely worth looking at. Great photos!
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No? Do you have a link ?
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I sent you a PM to both amazon and Redfern. I am not sure if links to books are ok here or not.
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I know that setup! Slotted pot resting on the edge of the pumpkin shaped glass container in a windowsill. Excellent choice!
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Hehe nice setup. :) nice genlisea too!
What species do you have? i cannot see on your labels
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I clean all the subulata, the most i can.
Usually this approach will not work as the remnants of the U. subulata in the clump of Genlisea will eventually spread. When I've received contaminated plants, I usually try to propagate with a leaf. If I cannot get that to work, then I try a small sprig of plant & root which is repeatedly washed so nothing foreign is sticking to it.

U. subulata & bisquamata can be very difficult to get out of a collection if you allow them to get established. Good luck.
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"When I've received contaminated plants, I usually try to propagate with a leaf"

Good technic :)

But i dont want to remove all the subulata, i have a big pot just for this genus, i just dont want any roots competition with my gen. I will just reclean each 2-3 months.

Anyway, you are right, its almost impossible to remove all the subulata from my collection ! And i had this plant for free, never paid for this lol. It came with my genlisea or stylidium, not sure.