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FWIW, I declared dormancy over....


Tropical Fish Enthusiast
...and winter is about to return again! I just hauled my entire collection of temperate plants from the garage. I think they did pretty well, considering:

Me too. I took everything out last week, and now they are in the garage. Looks like it will be their home for a little bit.
Yikes! I thought winter was over. Boo. Hiss.
Yep, 70 degrees 2 days ago, couldn't open the car doors this morning. Aaaand it's snowing again right now........ :censor: :headwall:
I also brought my plants out last weekend! :)
because the night-time lows were forecast to be above freezing for the foreseeable future..(the next 10-days forecast on weather.com)
I know 10-days out can be iffy, and subject to change, but that's the criteria I use every spring to decide when to bring my plants
out of dormancy..Sunday was the day! and only 3 days later, we might have a few nights below freezing!

although probably not in Rochester..tonight looks like a low of 33, with maybe some mild freezing rain..
I haven't bothered to move my plants, they are still on the deck..
even 30 wouldn't bother them at all..
my cut-off for moving the plants in the garage, in early spring or late fall, is 27 degrees in the forecast..
no one is saying that, so im leaving my plants out..

I'm not moving plants out of the cooler for awhile, yet. My plan is to keep them in there and on the nights when the low is projected to be below freezing, I'm shutting the lid.

My weather is your weather, Scot! and I still have the Leahs you gave me a few years ago!
sounds good Jim!

We are having very mild freezing rain today..
some ice is sticking to some tree branches..but no ice on the roads,
and no ice forming on my plants..so its all fine..

I think some tree branches are at 32 degrees..
and my plants, being on the warmer deck, and close to the house, are at 33 degrees! ;)

Hey.... when are ya coming through East Aurora again?
Interesting dormancy trick Jimscott! Do you leave them in a closed cooler all winter in an unheated garage?
How do you water them?
Do tell!
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yep its over !! :)

The only plant still in dormancy is a pinguicula gypsicola x cyclosecta
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....and that rainy period took that 80 quart cooler from dry to half full! I had to bail it!
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6 more inches of snow yesterday. High temp today of 35. I have a few sarracenia that look like they are starting to make buds, but that's it. We are supposed to have temps in the 60s by Friday, but I will believe it when I see it.
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I took my sarrs out a couple of months ago. I hate living here, it is so hot. It is going to be 90 degreesfarhinhiet today
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here we're a sunny, and a blazing 64F !
Maybe down to freezing thursday night!
Our last frost date is May 21st!
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The beauty of keeping them in a cooler for a few more weeks is that with the ebb and flow of fronts and overnight lows, I can shut the lid for the evening. Soon the overnight lows will no longer be an issue and I will move them to tubs.
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wow... you all are having ridiculous weather! it has been a rainy april, but the last three days here have been so hot my plants are threatening to dry out on me if i dont give their trays more than an inch or two of water a day!
soon to be rainy again, im sure, but it certainly wont be freezing again this season
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The jet stream is a wonderful thing! I don't think anything died from the extended dormancy, but it doesn't look as though anything has woken up as yet. I have no flower stalks.