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Funny article about "Carnivorous Plants"

Thanks, had a good laugh!

Looks to me like the tip of a plumeria branch...


I better watch out, they're everywhere here!
What?! It's not true??? I haz a sad nao.
Imagine the precautionary measures you'd have to take to have one of those in your collection!...Surprized they didn't report any deaths. LOL Fun article
Meh. No more dangerous than the average bobbit worm. Now THOSE are scary. Up to 8' long with jaws.
HAHA funny!! :-))
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If the plants are real - I want one!

Why is it called a Bobbit Worm?
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Deep ocean's like another planet...
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Jeez, that Bobbit worm is creepy! Like those monsters on King Kong.
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creepy worms that cause permanent numbness what next !?!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
really creepy well thats what 50 cals are for