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nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Hey guys,
I was wondering what brand of fungicide would be good for dormancy? I want to combat the fungus that occurs during dormancy. Thanks all!
I can't remember which CP book I acquired recently (Gardening with Carnivores, Carnivorous Plants by T Camilleri or CPs of N America and Canada) which said that you should use a copper free fungicide such as Captan on CPs so that is what I purchased and used on Wednesday.
I use Cleary's 3666 NG, provided to you by Petflytrap itself...
CLeary's will probably be my choice as I cannot find Captan round here. Thanks for all input! Now hopefully I will be able to keep my VFT's without them being devoured by fungus this year!
It'll be a first for me too if these VFTs survive til next spring! I've never been able to keep VFTs as long as I have already this year so I'm hopeful they will be strong enough to go through the fridge hibernation.

I got Captan at a flowershop/greenhouse called Bachmann's that my aunt works at (it was only sold in large cans for $10 - which will probably last me 100 years if I am only using a teaspoon per winter! ) . I thnk they are a nationwide chain but I think I read somewhere that Captan and Benomyl chemicals are outlawed in some states so they may not be available where you live...