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Here I go again with a thread about plants that aren't plants.

I managed to get out earlier this week to have a quick look for Liverworts. No success there but a couple of fungi caught my eye.

The first is Coriolus versicolor looking like a gathering of butterflies on the bark.


This second I haven't ID'd as yet but it reminded me of a Spanish dancer's dress.

Very cool Fred ! Here are a few I've found over the last few years. Mostly NOIDS. I'm terrible with ID'ing fungi.

Florida - Big Cypress Swamp

Some Puffballs and friends from the woods of NH.

Found these in the Green Swamp, NC.
Could the puffballs in Johnny's post be Lycoperdon pyriforme?
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Could the puffballs in Johnny's post be Lycoperdon pyriforme?

I'm nearly 100% sure that they are. Very common here. Haven't seen one of the Giant Puffballs (Calvatia gigantea) here in years. That one is unmistakable, being the size of a basketball.
I'll take those Puff balls and raise you a couple of Earth stars

Mt. Victoria

Mt. Mingan

Local mushroom

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Ah......Aminita muscaria, the Fly Agaric.......Now there's one I know for sure !
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This is my favorite kind of fungi. One that lives in the ghost moth and is also used as a chinese medicine. Ophiocordyceps sinensis

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Ah......Aminita muscaria, the Fly Agaric.......Now there's one I know for sure !

Hehe too easy for ya,now I know there's an interest I shall try and get more pics, I love all the freaky fungi I spot normally whilst walking the dog..Ps3 that's an odd one,seen it before but still double weird ,almost feel sorry for the little grub, what a nightmare it must be having.Fred the earthstars are really cool looking ,I like the way you caught them when they were just appearing. Johnny have you seen those puffballs in spore state when you can squish and puff em
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I've seen them in spore plenty of times, not that particular patch of them though.
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Well I suppose they must be puffballs then? Really wish I had taken some pics in the autumn (fall) there were some nice largish puffballs and plenty of other great looking fungi in my local woods.Now I'm on the lookout I will see what I can find.Pretty sure you can eat giant puffballs when they are young and fleshy, never tried them myself, then again you can eat fly Agaric if you boil out the toxins (or don't but it will be a very different experience)
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I'm reasonably sure that some species of earthstars are also edible. I saw them sold canned at a local asian food market - they were rubbery and tasted rather nondescript though.
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Interesting , I wish I had the knowledge to go picking edible fungi , but you really need to know what your doing
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I know that some Puffballs are edible. The giants are highly desirable with the local mushroom hunters. Lycoperdon pyrifome are also perfectly edible but there is also the dangerous (and more common) look a like, Scleroderma citrinum (Poison Pigskin Puffball) that can easily be mistaken for it's edible cousin.
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I found these in a local park a while back. I couldn't even begin to try to ID it but I thought they looked cool.

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A few more that popped up in the garden along with the Earth Stars.