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free sundews


Decumbent Fanatic
i need to free up some more space so I am getting rid of some fluff.

I am going to offer one package of the following:

3-4 typical capes
2-3 d. Adelae
1 - d. Binata
1 d.spatulata

Maybe a few other random cps that I need out of my way!

Please let someone without these plants get this package.

The first person that shows interest and is willing to send me $7 for shipping will receive this package. I want to have this in the mail Monday morning!
I'd be interested.
I'm new to sundew and am vary interested.
Is the Drosera binata just plain old Drosera binata or is it a variety like D. binata var. dichotoma, D. binata var. multifida, etc.?
I will go in order of the people that responded.

Dragon, I sent you a pm. If you are interested please make payment tonight.

I will continue down the list tomorrow morning until someone commits

This binata is multi forked. I believe it is extrema but I've lost the label.
I will be unable to make a payment tomorrow as I will be away on vacation :(
Please skip to wesly2010 if needed, and thank you very much for creating this wonderful opportunity!

Good Growing,
I'd be interested in the d. spatulata. pls let me know if it is still available.