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Free Heliamphora minor for canadians terraforums members

Heliamphora minor Givaway for Canadians terraforums members

Hello folks !

In mars/april 2013 i will have 15 heliamphora minor divisions to give.
Many differents sizes, from the big adult plants, to tiny juvenile plants.

-You have to be in Canada.
-You need over 100 posted messages on terraforums.
-And only one per member of course!

Pm me if you want one.


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I live in the US but this makes me want to move to Canada. Congrats in advance to all who get these.
very generous of ya maiden :)
Very generous, thanks Maiden!
Very nice of ya Maiden,

I would like to submit the name of a Canadian friend who recently lost the majority of his collection due to equipment failure... Varun (userid is vraev)
Varun is currently in India taking care of some family issues and may not see this,

He is very good people and well thought of in the CP community on both sides of the border.
Av8: okay
He will have one for sure.
4 adults plants and 1 juvenile left !