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Free D. hookeri seed


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Hello! I picked up some tubers of this plant from Mach and last year I got them to flower and set seed. That seed was stored dry and warm, I just planted some and the rest of the pack is up for grabs IF

a) You have given to me in the past
b) You have traded with me in the past


c) You have looked into the requirements for growing this tuberous Drosera from seed and honestly feel you could accomplish that and continue to keep them through their dormant period.

I don't know if they will sprout this year, if you've looked into them you will know they could need to be stored over next summer too before they sprout the following winter. Or even the year after that so again, be ready for this.

If you fit the above criteria, add your name to the list and I will in some way pick from that group to receive them next week.
Thanks all for your participation here!

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This is a great starter species for anyone trying to get their feet wet with tuberous Drosera. Super easy to grow from seed too, they don't need any of the special treatment that many of the other species need to germinate.
I do not qualify :>{ Leaped before I looked.
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This is a great giveaway :) to bad i do not meet criteria.

Andrew, would you like some sarracenia seeds ;)
1. Pearl diver
2. Davidgreen- thanks for the opportunity!
Opps, I'm a day late. Pearldiver gets it! Send me your address please, I don't see yours sitting around and I'll get these seeds out to you.
Good luck!