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freaky sundew mutation

I just spotted this in my outdoor pot. I don't have any idea what it is. I have never seen anything like it or even owned a sundew that resembles it. It looks like it has no leaf structure, just red tentacles unfurling more tentacles covered in dew.. I tried cropping a few pics to zoom in on it a bit but you may need to download the picture in order to zoom in further

Might just be a seedling popping up, although I'm not sure.
may need a few dozen more pics of it..
It is a seedling but it is not ordinary. there is no leaf, just a tentacle with more tentacles coming out..

Travis: my memory card only holds 8 gigabytes, do you think that would be enough? :-D

I'll take more pics when it gets a bit bigger
got a couple of much better pics using the fancy sony 16.2 megapixel camera. shoulda just done that in the first place..

it's been raining so all the dew is washed off:

yay a new cultivar maybe? congrats :)
What in the world... I've never seen anything like this. It reminds me of that planet in Star trek with all the red plants and stuff :p. Did you plant any drosera seeds lately? I can't see how that could be an underground shoot from another normal plant unless some pest seriously messed up the origional underground growth. Have you observed what happens when a fly has contact with the odd tentacle forms? This may just be an extreme variant that happened with a gene mutation.

You should attempt to root one of the tentacles, although I'm not sure if that is even possible. . .
it is very tiny at the moment.. only about 10mm tall im guessing
Possibly a petiolaris Drosera seedling, such as Drosera banksii or its close relative Drosera subtilis. Those are the only sundews I know of that actually have STEMS, not to mention that the latter plant is RED. I'm almost sure that your plant is a (very young) Drosera subtilis, unless the plant is a mutation. But that's different.
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plant planter neither banksii or subtilis are petiolaris complex Drosera. However, I think you're probably onto something with the subtilis. My bet would just be a weird plantlet that is messed up from something.
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plant planter: Just stop... How exactly would you even know anything about it? Ive never grown those plants or any australian plants resembling them, so tell me how you're so SURE that it is a drosera subtilis. I'm interested to know
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besides, if you took the time to notice; those plants have tentacles forming on a leaf thats coming off a petiole coming off a stem. this thing is pure tentacles
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I've seen a bunch of Drosera subtilis before, although I do agree that I was being unreasonable and that something is wrong with that plant, i.e. mutation, not, you know, wrong WRONG, just a bit odd. If you've never grown any Australian sundews before, then I have no clue what it might be. Plants are odd sometimes.
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sorry everybody, It :censor:ing died... :crap:
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well, sorry first of all, but this is why plants with mutations like this don't exist. The mutation was eliminated by natural selection, because while it may be cool looking, the way the plant grew probably wasn't very efficient.

BTW I'm not commenting on your growing skills, I'm just talking about the biological stuffs.
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True. . . besides, the tentacle appendages were probably incapable of (or not accurate for) absorbing photons so the plant could undergo the process of photosynthesis.
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This is why plants have leaves. Plants need leaves. Hey, plants! REMEMBER YOUR LEAVES!
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That. is. weird... Drosera "Cthulhu"!
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True. . . besides, the tentacle appendages were probably incapable of (or not accurate for) absorbing photons so the plant could undergo the process of photosynthesis.

most likely this... plus the rain might have knocked it loose or broken it off from its root

I was looking forward to seeing it grow up so i could name it and send you all a clone :) oh well....
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I have no idea what that is... But I like it. It's weird. I like weird.