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Found (earned) myself a new source of water


Apr 9, 2011
San Jose, CA Zone 9b
I saw the thread about using Glacier water vending machines outside some grocery stores and decided I'd go and test one. I went up to the machine, popped a quarter in and filled a cup to test while the rest of the water went into a jug. My TDS meter read a luxurious 3ppm. And this was a whole 7 days after last maintenance. Nice! Next step for me was to get some 5 gallon water jugs so I went scouring all over town: The Container Store, Kohl's, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, Lowe's, Orchard Supply, and Home Depot. $18 for an empty 5 gallon jug at Lowe's and OSH, no dice anywhere else, and finally $12 for a filled bottle at Home Depot. HD won, so I bought 2 bottles which had pop tops, lugged them home, emptied them into the plethora of 1-gallon jugs I had laying around from all the by-the-gallon distilled water I was buying, and hopped back into the car to get the bottles filled.

On the way to Safeway, where the vending machine is located, I passed by...a water store! The water store that's 2 minutes' drive from my house and sells 5 gallon jugs with threaded tops for $12. The water store that has smaller jugs with spouts I can use as intermediate containers. The water store whose water tested at 0 ppm. 0 ppm!

Now, I could be super-peeved for all that time and money wasted chasing wild geese all over town, but I think I'll just be happy I've discovered an awesome place to buy water. It's a really good medium as far as the size of my CP collection (too big to pay $1 per gallon after taxes and CRV, too small to take the RO unit plunge). Thanks for reading, I'm gonna go look at my plants :D
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Jun 5, 2008
I'm glad you're happy with your water store but I don't get it. You were paying $1 per gallon and now your paying $12 for 5 gallons? That's $1.40 more per gallon just to get it in a bigger jug?

I apologize if I misread your post.

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Nov 16, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
$12 for a filled jug that can be refilled vs $18 for an empty one? Seems like a bargain to me. From now on you just refill the jug at the machines. What's to figure out?


Apr 8, 2010
The prices are just initial costs for containers to refill infinitely, versus buying bottled water everytime he needs it.