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Florida Trip 2014 - The Reptiles, Birds, Bugs, etc.

The overly abundant (and invasive) Brown Anole - Anolis sagrei:

A.sagrei and A.carolinensis sharing a perch:

The less abundant but still common Anolis carolinensis:

5 Lined Skinks:

Squirrel Tree Frogs:

A Green Tree Frog:

A Southern Toad:

A Chorus Frog of some kind, not sure of species:

A Large Female Florida Softshell:

Gopher Tortoise:

Black Racer:

Glossy Crayfish Snake:

Florida Water Snakes:


And of course the Gators:

Excellent shots! It looks like you must have gotten pretty close to some of those guys.
The Birds and Bugs:

Wood Stork:

Juvenile White Ibis:

Roseate Spoonbill:

Great Egret:

Green Heron:


Pileated Woodpecker on the side of the house:

Black Vultures:

Very Colorful Land Snail:

Apple Snail Eggs:

Some Gigantic Lubbers:

Dude, nice shots! Where were you to see that much wildlife?
Dude, nice shots! Where were you to see that much wildlife?

A little road I found a few years back in the Glades. It's a seriously great spot.
So many animals! Did you need to hunt for them or were they just seen naturally? And the third picture of that vulture makes it looks pretty scary with the white eye. And I didn't know locusts could look so exotic.
I didn't really have to look too hard. You just need to find a good spot and when you do, the wildlife is usually abundant.
I'm convinced. I need to spend some time in Florida.
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I'm convinced. I need to spend some time in Florida.

Let me know if you decide to go. i can point you to some great spots. I'm going down next year to spend a whole week poking around just in the Everglades and the Fakahatchee. With that much time to dig around I should be able to find some great new places.
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Great pics! The anhinga looks similar to the cormorant used for fishing in the East.
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Thanks Don. Anhingas are one my favorite bird species in the swamps. Such strange animals.
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Very cool. i go to florida every year in the summer. We should trade locations to scout out.
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Absolutely ! I'll probably be going down in the summer next year. Maybe we can meet up at one of these places.