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First Pitchers of the Season - 2013

Not a Number

Hello, I must be going...
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And the winner is:

S. oreophila "Sand Mountain #2"

Let's see yours :)
of course oreophila would be first up to bat... i've got nothing. 5 flowerstalks and no blooms.
I think these three little pitchers on the alabamensis should count. Mostly because they are cute. :rolleyes:

An unknown hybrid. 3.5 years old.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/83097220@N03/8593059123/" title="IMG_0690 by That One Guy7, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8518/8593059123_76af4d3097_c.jpg" width="800" height="600" alt="IMG_0690"></a>
Nice pitchers folk.

Im not very experienced with sarras, but
my sarracenia rubra now have 6-10 new pitchers in development(strange, very large), but no flower. Its normal?
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It depends on the species/hybrid or even the individual plant. Some put up flowers after the first few pitchers. Such factors as the age and overall health of the plant can play a role. A rhizome that was recently divided or roughly handled may not flower even if it flowered the previous season. A specific clone like Sarracenia 'Godzuki' the flowers open the same time as the first pitchers.

Here's my first pitcher of the season, S. purp 'Jersey Girl' x purp burkei:


Not a number: thanks for the reply. My rubra had a normal dormancy, just woke up since 5 weeks. So, i will wait for the flowers!
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S. 'Adrian Slack' x S. 'Judith Hindle'

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Oh! That is a pretty pitcher.
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My other S. oreophila "Sand Mtn #2" divisions get into the act. I tried a double exposures to see how they'd look.




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Pretty cool NaN
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Here's a few I took in the last week or so.

Flava ornata "Black Veins"










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How mealybugs will ruin a monstrous 'Adrian Slack' pitcher.


Unfortunately before I cleaned off the pests the battery died on my camera. Otherwise it would have been a perfect example why merely spraying an insecticide is ineffective against mealybugs. Every little fold on the rhizome had colonies of adults or egg clusters which were not visible until I had peeled off the dead tissue. To control mealybugs you have to manually remove as many of the pests you can find as well as repeated (at the recommended interval) sprayings. I use a mixture of 409 cleaner, rubbing alcohol and water applied with a watercolor paint brush to remove the pests and get the solution into the nooks and crannies.
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Dang, that's awful NaN... Mealies are the worst. I just lost a couple sarrs to them a month ago or so. Hope your AS recovers soon!
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S. 'Adrian Slack' - it's never going to look "normal" but certainly better.
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not a number... those double exposures are really neat.
a couple of these pitchers are really beautiful guy. my favorite is the adrian slack x judith hindle.

i'll be sure to post once one of mine finally pops. the alatas were looking pretty speedy, then a flava pitcher shoots out of nowhere. or maybe its gonna be the purp hetero cross.

do all sarr flowers turn upside down before they open?
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S. purp 'Jersey Girl' x purp burkei:
is so........! so Pink!
Flamingo pink! LOL
wow! that so different!
I like it!