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first ever nepenthes pitcher(yay)

well actually the third but the other 2 were very small but increased geometrically in size so I'm guessing the next one will be larger considering the leaf it is attached to is the largest one yet as well. Can't see in the pic but it does have the fang articulation....I suspect my first raffensiana var elongata will be next followed by another bical and maybe my first mirabilis var echinostoma pitcher.

already sourcing materials for a new grow chamber as well as improvements to my current grow strategy as well.

sorry for the ugly leaf; it is just old. I will probably prune it before long.

:rookwoot: Firsts, seconds, thirds... to infinity - always exciting.

Happy growing!
Congrats, looks like a very happy plant!
congrats!!!!! NAN has it right, every one is exciting and each one more so than the last imo :D
Congrats!! Get ready, it won't be long before that Bical starts producing mature sized pitchers :O.
:woot:way to go Virginia, it's good to have ANOTHER member (from my home state), getting into this very cool hobby :clap:, you grow bobby , LOL
thx for the support....yes the plant seems happy...also going to get started on next grow chamber to have it ready....thinking 36x36x24 or close to it. Also thinking of adding diffused sunlight into the equation when the new vented grow chamber is finished. I can't wait to see the raffesaina pitcher....thinking it will be a bit larger than the bical. Ya the first pitcher is always the best; kinda like a reward for my efforts.