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Finally some pics


A Cajun(isc) Carnivore
I finally got achance to upload some pics! This is my "mama" tray:

here is the baby tray:

A flowering (P. ehlersiae x oblongiloba):

A few of (P. agnata x moranensis "caudata"):


And here are 2 of my experiment with Root Shield/ground bloodworms/Ironite (I had too much Ironite, I believe. The first show the mature (unkown) ping with burns. The second shows the juveniles that DID NOT burn with the same application(?)

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Very nice looking butterworts!
Great Looking pings. :clap:
Thanks for sharing.
A good assortment, and coming along nicely, too.

Your making me want more!!
Good looking. Do you grow them indoors?

Thanks, I grow them on an unheated grow rack in the garage from Oct - Apr/May. The temps range from 40F - 85F. After May the temps do not generally go below 85F and soar to 105F+. During those hot months I bring inside to the AC in a N window where the temps remain ralatively steady (78 - 82F) with some daytime heating from the window.

I have more now than I did last summer, so I may have to experimet with some outdoor growing - maybe under my outside rack protected from direct sun and torrential rains.

yeah, I learned the hard way that mexican pings don't like rain.