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Fertilizing pings?

With drosera if they are in an environment that they cannot catch prey one fertilizes their leaves. Most commonly used thing are diluted beta pellets. Is this practice accepted/expected with pings as well? If so are the same ferts used or different ones? for instance twice a month a add a little diluted 30-10-10 to nepenthes pitchers instead of the beta pellets.
I like to crush fish food, beta pellets are fine, into a very fine powder. I lightly sprinkle the powder over the leaves. It's not necessary to dilute or spritz with water, but you can if you want to or if you sprinkle too thick. Depending on now much you sprinkle, you could probably repeat once every couple weeks. I personally like to use crushed Hikari cichlid pellets.

I have tried liquid orchid fertilizer on Pinguicula. It killed every one of them. If you decide to use liquid ferts, use extremely diluted and on spare plants until you figure out what works for you. After killing off about 10 spares, I gave up. I can't remember exactly what strength I used, but I don't think it was any more than 1/4 strength.

I've been using about 1/4 strength miracle grow 30-10-10 orchid firtilizer on my pings every couple weeks for several months (foliar spray), and they seem to LOVE it. I certainly respect Crissytal's experience though, and it's always a good idea to be carefull with these things until you know how they affect your plants in your conditions.

The Savage Garden suggests using 1/4 strength orchid or epiphytic fertilizer for tropical pings twice a month durring their carnivorous growth phase (but don't spray the flowers as it can mar the flower's color).

Crissytal: What type/ brand of fertilizer did you use? Maybe that brand in particular shouldn't be used with pings...?
I've only used the Better Gro Orchid Plus 20-14-13. It works well for Nepenthes, but not Pinguicula in my experience with my conditions. I'm glad that you gave your experience richjam! I just may have to try again with the Miracle Gro brand. I find the fish food is a bit more forgiving. If you over do it, at worst you'll get a moldy leaf. With the liquid ferts, it can kill the entire plant. I've had problems with liquid fertilizer and Helis as well so I tend to shy away from it.

I don't think I will fert until the dormancy is over but the info is good to know. generally i introduce the foliar fert to just one to 2 leaves vs the entire plant. i think i will go with the fish pellets...thx for the advice....hope it helps but I used miracle gro 30-10-10 water soluable orchid fert for my pitcher plants diluted to 1/20 strength.

No negative effects have been observed with my pitcher plants. I have sprayed it onto my drosera before with no observed ill effects but the diluted fish pellets seem more effective however. I speculate they might be more effective than the diluted MG but for aesthetic purposes(odor) I prefer the MG over the pellets for my pitcher plants.
Never heard of anyone diluting to 1/20th strength, lol. I guess to be on the super safe side. Crissytal, I've used the same miracle grow fertilizer on my single Heli (H. minor) with no ill effects, FYI.
Best of luck CpBobby :)
^ thx....i may try 1/10 next time but doubt i would go below that.
I use a foliar spray. 1-2ml of DynaGro in an 8oz spray bottle. I use a syringe for accurate dosing

I use for all my pinguicula, special terra ( emarginata , subtropical US) , straw for fish food ((freeze-dried) in powder and in a very little quantity(otherwise risk of death by overdose).