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EVENTVWR SCAM: Your computer will be inoperable in 6 hours

I was hit today over the phone by the "EVENTVWR Phishing Scam" so I just thought I'd let everyone know about it.

I was just preparing to leave when the phone rang and a frantic sounding guy with an Indian accent told me he was from "Windows Internet Security & Support" (or something like that) and said that he had been receiving information that my computer was crashing (which is has NOT been since it's brand new) and was being constantly attacked by hackers (which it shouldn't be since I have Norton Internet Security setup) and if I did not do what he insisted then my access to my computer and the internet would be inoperable within 6 hours.

What this person /persons want you to do is hit the Windows key & the "R" key to bring up the windows run menu, then they want you to type in EVENTVWR. I did not do that, instead I typed "EVENTVWR" into google and saw all the notices of the EVENTVWR scam (apparently all coming from India). I told him what I found on google and he became very irate, insisting even more vociferously that my computer would be deactivated if I did not follow his instructions. I just hung up on him after that and went about my day.

So if you get this call, don't follow his instructions.

Here's the results of the google search I did while he was talking to me on the phone: https://www.google.com/search?q=eve...5,d.aWc&fp=e8eb7b2769946688&biw=1920&bih=1011
those ppl should reallly be areested for faud actions scamming and hacking ( which they did on tio some ppls computers
Yep, been going on for a long time... they show you where there is a log of supposed errors (which is in all computers even if new) to try and make their claim seem real... I was at my mom's when they had called her about 3 years ago and I played along since I knew what they were asking me to do... It's funny how frantic they get when you call them out, I love it!
if they called me id tell them to call a friend of mine who knows a ton with computers he could do somthing funny with them
Just know that nobody from windows or apple cares/knows enough about who you are to call you about your computer problems haha.
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No, no, no, sir, you're doing it all wrong. You're just having all those people scan YOUR computer for errors, and look what they found! You need to reboot, and mash F8 repeatedly until the screen changes. Select "format disk" to rearrange your data jn a way that the hackers can't get in any more. If you do this, sir, you won't be having any more troubles.