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Environmental destruction poster - I need your help!

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven't been very active on the forums lately.

I made this poster in school for a contest from Adobe. They call it "Adobe Youth Voices". The idea is to make a poster, video, poem, song, etc. of something that matters to you. I chose environmental destruction. By environmental destruction, I mean everything. . . Littering, dumping, clear cutting, poaching, draining bogs, etc. I made it into the final top 20 from around the world, so this is a pretty big deal to me. :-D

The winning prizes are listed here: http://youthvoices.adobe.com/awards/prizes

It'd be great to even place third, because I can donate money to any charity I want (NASC?) and I will also get $500 for myself. (or more depending on which place I come in if I win at all) I'll probably donate 20% of my winnings to my class that I made the poster in to help get new supplies and stuff.

So if you guys are bored or something, perhaps you could vote for me by liking this on Facebook or tweeting it. If you want, you can also tell your friends and such.

TL;DR: Entered poster into competition, looking for votes from you guys.

Here's the link to like or tweet it: http://youthvoices.adobe.com/awards/finalists/517193f48d5362816b0008c4



Really nice design on the poster! I hope you win! :D
how do you vote? do i tweet to vote?

photography (as always) works.
kinda pointless now, but for future feedback--i would try and avoid a font that resembles too close to an internet meme.

best of luck. you have my vote once when you teach me how to. XD

edit: tweeted. :)

classic me... sorry. :p and congrats on making it to the final round!
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Liked and tweeted... I decided to one those above up.

Looks like you're in first place poster wise. I hope it turns out for you!

Congrats on getting into the top 20 Devon!

When I click your link above it takes me to a blank page...
for future too just an idea, at first i thought you were looking for ideas then realized you were not....but i was thinking how some posters or images are actually multiple little images that make up the actual image. Well i was thinking photos of endagered/threatened or extinct animals as the many many smaller images all put together to make one master image of say your poster. I bet there is enough out there you can make each image a dif. specie. The sheer WOW factor of that fact in general will not only inspire but truely show the scale of such a disaster.

I love that your doing this, i used to do same thing when i was in school and you have my vote as soon as i can find it on facebook.
Thanks for voting Peatmoss. :)

@Drew: That's strange. Both links work for me. ???

@RBall: That's definitely a great idea, but very time consuming. I only had 9 periods to do it and I started and completed it in one day before the due date because of certain problems before hand. Sorry about the misleading title though!

To like it, you can click on the link on the main post and click the like button right below the poster.

Figured it out and liked! The link still isn't working for me but found it through the home page :)
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Thanks Drew!!!
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Same situation as drew - got there the same way using the first link you posted. Good luck