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Ebay (Mine) Drosera, utrics, nepenthes, vfts and orchids for sale/trade


Items currently for sale *I'm also open to trades.

Nepenthes Bicalcarata Seedling

Phragmipedium warscewiczianum x Phragmipedium wallissi

Drosera Medley

Laelia speciosa

Utricularia Subulata

Utricularia Sandersonii

Fetid Passionflower, 50 seeds, freshly harvested.

Cattleya schroederae x Brassavola digbyana

Gongora saccata

Miltoniopsis phalaenopsis

Oeceoclades peyrotii x Oeceoclades. monophylla

Medium Flatrate Box Of Surprise Lily Bulbs

Dendrobium aemulum

Pleurothallis restreploides 'dragon stone'

Laelia purpurata carnea x Cattleya schilleriana

Utricularia Calycifida - White

Carnivorous Plant Starter Pack

Small Flatrate Box Of Bearded Iris Divisions- Mixed Variety

Nepenthes ( Viking x Rafflesiana ) x ( mirabilis ~ winged x viking )

Schomburkia splendida V cauca

Drosera Tokaiensis

Strawberry Begonia Start

Terrarium Starter Pack

Orchid Starter Pack

Drosera Binata

Nepenthes ( Viking x Rafflesiana ) x ( mirabilis ~ winged x viking )

Drosera Nidiformis